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37 Violin Pieces You Like to Play

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€ 27,00

Product ID: GS4 32783
By Collection Various

Line Up:
Violin & Piano (Solo: Violin)
Level: 4-5

Set of parts

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About this item

37 Violin Pieces You Like to Play features the classic repertoire of the master.

Songlist (34)

  1. Air On The G String Composed by Johann Sebastian Bach, C Major
  2. Ave Maria, Op. 52, No. 6 Composed by Franz Schubert, C Major
  3. Beau Soir Composed by Claude Debussy, E Major
  4. Cradle Song (Lullaby), Op. 49, No. 4 Composed by Johannes Brahms, E Major
  5. La Cinquantine (The Golden Wedding) Composed by Gabriel Marie, A Minor
  6. Largo Composed by George Frideric Handel, G Major
  7. Reverie, Op. 22, No. 3 Composed by Henri Vieuxtemps, Eb Major
  8. Romance, Op. 26 Composed by Johan S. Svendsen, G Major
  9. Serenade Composed by Franz Schubert, D Minor
  10. Souvenir Composed by Frantisek Drdla, D Major
  11. The Swan (Le Cygne) Composed by Camille Saint-Saens, G Major
  12. Barcarolle "Belle Nuit" Composed by Jacques Offenbach, A Major
  13. Canzonetta Composed by Victor Herbert, Bb Major
  14. Menuet From Quintet In E, Composed by Luigi Boccherini, A Major
  15. La Serenata Composed by G. Braga, G Major
  16. Kol Nidrei, Op. 47 Composed by Max Bruch, D Minor
  17. Valse-Bluette Composed by Riccardo Drigo, D Major
  18. Aurore Composed by Gabriel Faure, F Major
  19. Chanson Composed by Rudolf Friml, D Major
  20. Loin du Bal Composed by Ernest Gillet, Bb Major
  21. Berceuse From 'Jocelyn', Composed by Benjamin Godard, F Major
  22. Hejre Kati, Op. 32, No. 4 Composed by Jeno Hubay, E Major
  23. Son Of The Puszta, Op. 134, No. 2 Composed by Keler Bela, A Minor
  24. Mazurka Composed by Emil Mlynarski, G Major
  25. Serenata, Op. 15, No. 1 Composed by Moritz Moszkowski, D Major
  26. Melody Composed by Ignace Jan Paderewski, G Major
  27. Spanish Dance, Op. 58, No. 1 Composed by Fabian Rehfeld, E Minor
  28. L'Abeille (The Bee) Composed by Franz Schubert, E Minor
  29. Madrigale Composed by A. Simonetti, D Major
  30. Canzonetta, Op. 6 Composed by A. D'Ambrosio, G Minor
  31. Traume (Dreams) Composed by Richard Wagner, A Major
  32. Walther's Prize Song From 'Die Meistersinger', Composed by Richard Wagner, C Major
  33. Obertass (Mazurka) Composed by Henri Wieniawski, G Major
  34. Romance, Op. 22 From the Second Concerto, Composed by Henri Wieniawski, Bb Major

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37 Violin Pieces You Like to Play
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Collection Various

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