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Basics: 300 excercises and practice routines for the Violin

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€ 49,00

Product ID: EP8 7440
By Simon Fischer

Edition Peters
Line Up:

Violin education

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About this item

Basics is the first complete guide to violin technique intended specifically for the music stand rather than the bookshelf. This unique publication covers all the fundamental aspects of playing the instrument.

The 300 exercises and practice routines are grouped into seven highly detailed sections: right arm and hand, tone production, key strokes, left hand, shifting, intonation, vibrato. By focusing on a single element at a time, each exercise is designed to achieve an immediately tangible and sustainable result in the shortest possible time. Basics is not a book to play through from cover to cover after all, everybody's needs are different. The logical and uncluttered format enables the player to work directly on any specific technical matter that requires attention.

Who is Basics for?
For teachers
As well as presenting a wealth of original material, Basics also features ideas and principles traditionally associated with the great violinists, many of which have never been written down before. Some exercises are suitable for the youngest pupils, whilst others will benefit the most advanced players. Always simple and direct, Basics offers powerful solutions to those common frustrations: awkwardness and tension, crooked bow, weak tone, poor intonation, vibrato problems etc.

For students
Nothing can replace a teacher, but this book will help you 'leach' yourself as you practise. Basics is a treasure trove of information and you are likely to be astonished how dramatic your development is.

For parents
Even if you do not play the violin, Basics is remarkably easy to follow, so you can personally help and guide your children between lessons.

For professional violinists
'The same basic technical exercises can be used by players of all levels because most of the technical issues remain the same.' (Simon Fischer)

For the busy professional, Basics offers the most effective, least timeconsuming method of maintaining the essentials: warm and even tone, reliable intonation, relaxed and versatile vibrato, freedom from tension etc.

Songlist (7)

  1. Part A - Right Arm And Hand
  2. Part B - Tone Production
  3. Part C - Key Strokes
  4. Part D - Left Hand
  5. Part E - Shifting
  6. Part F - Intonation
  7. Part G - Vibrato

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Basics: 300 excercises and practice routines for the Violin
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Simon Fischer

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