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The Geometric All Interval System

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€ 24,00

Product ID: TH4 1301
By Terje Moe Hansen

Thames Publishing
Line Up:
Violin (Solo: Violin)

Violin education

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A new way to a panoramic view and ultimate control on the fingerboard

ESTA International: The most epoch-making method I ever met as a violist and pedagogue! Unbelievable freedom and rapidity!"
The Strad: "Unhibited abandon and sureness of touch and intonation"

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The Geometric All Interval System
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Terje Moe Hansen

The stunning story began in the beautiful town Stavern in Norway, where Terje Moe Hansen was born the 27. October 1953 (the same date as Niccolo Paganini ). As his legendary predecessor he is also left handed, and he actually plays with his bow in the left hand. His exceptional talent for violin playing was discovered by accident. His father was a violin maker. One day he wanted his son to try out the sound quality in a new instrument. He was surprised by his sons immediate ability to play in tune and even make a natural vibrato, and he therefore sent him to a local violin teacher. He new it would be impossible to play all the traditional study repertoire, so he invented a new method of organizing , visualizing and memorizing the map on the fingerboard. Tradition was not rejected but given a new added dimension. He also invented new exercises for ergonomic movements and less tension. The results were startling and instantaneous, and his progress was nothing less than spectacular. After three month of practicing he was accepted as a full time student at the Academy of Music in Oslo. Two years after he started to play in professional orchestras. Upon his soloist debut in Oslo1984, the music critics appraised him for his possession of " an exceptional rich and colorful sound and great musical intelligence combined with a dazzling virtuosity ! " In 1997 Terje Moe Hansen presented his "practicing secrets" in the book A modern approach to violin virtuosity. For the first time in the history of violin playing all intervals and shift are fully explored and systematically trained. This makes for a panoramic inner view of the fingerboard, ultimate precision, better sight-reading and faster learning of new repertoire. The book is in use in many of the leading institutions all over the world, and became the international door-opener for him. The new method are making a stir in ever wider international circles.
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